The Children are cared for in different rooms of the nursery based on their age and stage of development.

Babies (6 weeks to 12 months)

The young babies are accommodated in a bright, homely room and different activities suited to the baby’s stage of development are offered.

There are a range of safe, bright and stimulating toys available and regular visits to the park are incorporated into the daily routine.

There is a separate sleep room.

Teenies (12 – 18 Months)

The Teenies are based in a large, bright room with different age related toys which have been selected in order to help develop motor and cognitive skills. More independence is encouraged at this stage. From the ball pit to building blocks, from painting to music, there are lots of activities to keep the Teenies entertained.

Tiny Tots (18 – 24 Months)

Tiny tots are beginning to become much more independent. With lots of fun activities going on, a day in the life of a Tiny Tot is very busy.

Toodlers (24 Months – 3 Years)

A wide variety of activites are available at this stage such as painting, sand and water play. Regular visits to the park are included into the daily routine as much as possible.

Pre School (3 Years onwards)

A Pre Schooler’s day is much more structured in preparation for starting school. Activities include painting, cooking, play dough and dressing up.