Kids Korner Nutrition

Nutrition at Kids Korner

We consider nutrition at Kids Korner Day Nurseries Belfast to be very important. Our nurseries are owned by a Dietitian so you can be assured that your child will receive wholesome, healthy nutrition while in our care.

There are cooks at each nursery who provide a homemade, healthy 2 course lunch each day. We also provide healthy morning and afternoon snacks.

Nutrition at Kids Korner Day Nurseries

Typical lunch choices

Examples of lunches from our four week cyclical menu:

  • Spaghetti Bolognaise & Fruit and Brioche
  • Roast Chicken, Boiled Vegetables and Mashed Potatoes & Milk Pudding
  • Beef Stew with Vegetables, Boiled Potatoes & Fresh Fruit and Yogurt

Some of our children have food intolerances or allergies. For these children we can offer a wide selection of alternative meals and snacks which are overseen by our Dietitian.


Examples of snacks include wholemeal toast, crackers and cheese, fresh fruit…

Nutrition at Kids Korner
Nutrition at Kids Korner Day Nurseries

Dietary requirements

Any special dietary requirements can be catered for.

Healthy eating habits are formed from an early age so we believe that at Kids Korner it is important to encourage a healthy diet from as young an age as possible.

Scores on the Doors

We are inspected every year by the Food Standards Agency and are very proud that both our Nurseries have been awarded top marks!

Food Hygiene Rating Kids Korner

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To learn more about nutrition at Kids Korner Day Nursery please watch this short video.

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